Our company started in 2008, and throughout 10 years of operation we have selected excellent professionals and experts.

Выполненые проекты

2009-2012 A port construction in Kronstadt (St. Petersburg), with a coast post for small vessels, a parking for yachts and technical ships. Floating docks were installed, and the water area was cleaned from industrial waste.

2014 Replacement of 2 water lines for water supply in Kamennogorsk town.

2015 Dredging of Gazprom berth in St. Petersburg.

2016 Dock reconstruction at the offshore loading facility for Gazprom company.

2017 – Dredging, industrial waste clearance, demounting of the berth at Vladimirovskaya bay (Lake Ladoga) for Rosneft company.

2018 - Gravity wharf construction and shore protection at Konevets island (Lake Ladoga) for Rosneft company.

 All the works were performed at depths of up to 20m, with own and rented equipment


Lier A, fort Konstantin, Kronshtad, Sankt Petersburg, Russia


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